College for all Texans

A portal for students and parents seeking information about going to college. It contains information such as what students need to do to prepare for college. It also has information about financial aid available to Texas students. Lean More..


All over Texas, students are stepping up, finding their voices, and fueling the movement called Generation TX. Equal parts inspiration and information, Generation TX connects us to each other and clarifies the steps we need to take on the path to college and career education, from taking the right classes and tests, to applying to colleges, and then finding the money to pay for school.  Learn More..


The Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistic (TXCREWS) website provides you with three career path research methods. Each allows you to compare wages related to various degree programs/training and career choices with the wages earned by former graduates in those fields. Learn More..

Texas Genuine

Career and Technical Education Explore career fields and the college programs that get you there. Learn More..

Tracking K12 Outcomes

The Tracking K12 Outcomes dashboard is an interactive application to graphically display information about Texas public high school graduates who enroll in Texas higher education in the fall immediately following graduation from high school. Learn More..